1. The Virtual Business Matching Service (“Virtual Business Matching”) rendered by this Comasia B2B Business Matching Platform (“Platform”) refers to the designated online business matching service provided on b2b.comasia.com.hk (“Platform website”) by Comasia Limited (“Comasia”).
2. All Users (both Exhibitor Users and Buyer Users) shall acknowledge and agree that they access and participate in the Platform and any matched live streaming websites of their own accord and at their own risk. Comasia is not liable for any loss or cost or expense of whatsoever nature arising out of or in connection with the use of the Platform and the Virtual Business Matching.
3. The information a User provides for the Platform will be made available to all Users of the Platform website. Please note that any information a User posts will become public information and the User should exercise caution when deciding to disclose personally-identifying information.
4. All Users should ensure the contents they submit for posting at the Platform are accurate, lawful and complete; and do not infringe any intellectual property rights or other rights of any third party. Comasia shall have the full authority to approve, refuse, edit and arrange the display of any contents submitted by the Users. Upon receipt of Users’ company information texts and product photos, Comasia will review and edit (if necessary) the information to be fit for posting at the Platform website.
5. The Exhibitor User should submit the required company details and product information for matching purpose on or before the submission deadline specified by Comasia. While Comasia shall work its best to come up with matching options for the Exhibitor User, Comasia shall not guarantee and be responsible for any unsuccessful matching thereof.
6. Comasia may use the provided email address and phone number to contact the User regarding information verification, administrative notices, new buying requests, new product offerings and communications that it may consider relevant to the Virtual Business Matching.
7. All postings at the Platform are provided on “as is” basis. The Platform and Comasia make no representation or warranty (express or implied), including but not limited to the reliability, adequacy, accuracy or suitability of their contents for any purposes, non-infringement, merchantability of the product or service referred to in the postings.
8. The Platform and Comasia do not endorse, warrant or guarantee quality of any product or service offered through the postings at the Platform.
9. The Platform and Comasia are not and will not be a party of any transaction between any User and any third part via the Virtual Business Matching. The Platform and Comasia do not warrant and guarantee any successful business transaction via the matching activities they provide.
10. Use of information in the Platform and Virtual Business Matching service is at the User’s sole and absolute risk. The User is responsible for conducting his/her own due diligence to ensure that the use of the information is suitable for his/her purposes and complies with all applicable terms and regulations.